Running events Asia

Amongst the Asia crowd, running adventurous triathlons, biathlons or simply marathons has picked up tremendously in the last decade or so. From Chiang Mai to Cochin, Cebu to Cairns, there are plenty of running events to choose from. The big one, the Singapore Standard Chartered marathon every first Sunday of December, draws a steady 50,000+ runners by now. A bit too crowded for my taste (or maybe should I say not adventurous enough), I choose to do the Angkor Wat 1/2 marathon in Cambodia. A truly unique and not-to-be-missed small running adventure through 900-years old temples, whilst clapping hands with the kids from each village as you run past them….  


Pciture: Annabelle Deken at The Angkor Wat (Cambodia) 1/2 Marathon