Polo 2023_1 City Polo Maastricht 2015 was a big succes!

Polo events & clinics

“A polo handicap is a passport to the world.” Sir Winston Churchill

Polo is a very dynamic and spectacular sport.
Today, upwards of 84 countries play polo. In the past 20 years we have been responsible for the organisation and management of many polo events and clinics. In 2015 we were be responsible for the organisation of The Polo Picknick, Polo aan de Vecht, The Jaeger-LeCoultre Summer Polo and City Polo Maastricht and other tailor made polo events. In 2003 we were asked by the Federation of International Polo to organise the FIP Cartier European Polo Championships on Polo Club Vreeland. This 10 day event was organised in 2005. This event was a huge success both on and of the polo ground.



Polo events


polo evenement Amsterdam

Museumplein Polo A’dam

Na een succesvolle première in 2015 zal de vierde editie van Museumplein Polo Amsterdam plaatsvinden op vrijdag 27 september tot en met zondag 29 september 2019. Museumplein Polo Amsterdam is een uniek paardensport evenement dat wederom georganiseerd wordt op het wereldvermaarde Museumplein in het culturele en museale hart van Amsterdam. De organisatie van Museumplein Polo Amsterdam verheugt zich op de komst van Patrons, polospelers en hun grooms die uit alle delen van de wereld naar Amsterdam afreizen om gedurende drie dagen te strijden om de felbegeerde Museumplein Polo Amsterdam 2019 Cup. Tijdens het evenement komt niet alleen de polosport aan bod maar er zullen ook verschillende presentaties vanuit andere disciplines van de ruitersport gegeven worden. Naast de mogelijkheid voor het bedrijfsleven om met relaties deel te nemen aan het evenement zal er voor het publiek een grote tribune worden geplaatst. Deze tribune is gedurende het gehele evenement gratis toegankelijk.

City Polo Maastricht

The concept of City Polo Maastricht, playing polo in the heart of an ancient city, was created by PRO SPORT | Sport & Hospitality. The first, very successful but cold, edition in 2012 was funded by six entrepreneurs from Maastricht and several companies. City Polo Maastricht was organized during the world’s greatest art and antiques fair in the world, TEFAF.

Cartier Summer Polo

We are very thankful that Cartier gave us the opportunity to create, organise and manage the Cartier Summer Polo for ten successful years in succession. After ten years Jaeger-LeCoultre  “took over” this unique event.


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Polo clinics

At Polo Club Vreeland (15 minutes from Amsterdam) we organize Polo clinics. Our Polo manager Robert Watson is a professional Polo player from New Zealand. During the clinic Robert will explain all about the history of Polo and will teach you and your business relations how to ride a Polo Pony and hit your first Polo balls. A Polo clinic really is the perfect first step to get acquainted with the King of Sports. A Polo clinic can be organized for 15 persons persons. Horse riding experience is not necessary, a cap and boots are. The program can be tailor-made with a lunch or a Argentinian style barbeque (Asado) after the clinic.


Polo is not only the world’s oldest ball game; it is also the world’s oldest team sport. The first matches took place 2,500 years ago in Persia. The oldest polo field is located in the city of Isfahan, and stables can be found near the Taj Mahal where the polo horses of the Mughal emperor were once kept. Polo was the sport of the nobility among the Persian, Indian, Mongolian, and Chinese rulers.
The sport soon became a favourite among British officers in India, too. They set up their own polo club in 1859 and took the sport back home with them to Great Britain. The popularity of polo has grown enormously in recent decades. It is now played in more than 70 countries and attracts millions of spectators every year.



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