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PRO SPORT & hospitality client | Cartier
PRO SPORT & hospitality client | Schaap & Citroen
PRO SPORT & hospitality client | Poloclub Vreeland
PRO SPORT & hospitality client | Veuve Clicquot 
PRO SPORT & hospitality client | Citypolo Maastricht
PRO SPORT & hospitality client | Business Lease
PRO SPORT & hospitality client | Stern Exclusive 
PRO SPORT & hospitality client | Jeager leCoultre
PRO SPORT & hospitality client | Provada

PRO SPORT & hospitality client | Dura Vermeer

PRO SPORT & hospitality client | DLA Piper
PRO SPORT & hospitality client | Nationaal Ouderenfonds
PRO SPORT & hospitality client | GDF Suez Energie Nederland


Clients about Paul Meulemans

Founder and CEO of PRO SPORT | Sport & Hospitality

““Paul stands for Polo, Passion, Perfection!”
Laurens Brouns | Chairman Polo Club Vreeland
“As a pianist, I travel the world. Over the past 10 years we have worked together on many occasions. In the world of (corporate) hospitality and entertainment you have managed to secure a unique position with all the qualities needed in this profession. Your apprehension, social skills, flow of original ideas, network and ‘plain hard work’ are unparalleled.”
Michiel Borstlap | Contemporary pianist & composer
“Paul is a very skilled and enthusiastic professional with a clear vision. By always making the right connection, he will always come with pragmatic ideas and surprising concepts. A typical example of a person you continuously have to follow.”
Evelyn Borgsteijn  | Marketing Communications Director VGZ Insurance

“Paul Meulemans has organized several major events for my costumers, clients and colleagues. My experience with Paul Meulemans is more than excellent. Paul is extremely client and service minded, he is creative and friendly. Nothing is too much for Paul. He will always pursue perfection. I highly recommend him.”
Martin TrampeCeo Solar Netherlands | Member VNO/NCW
“Naast zijn rol als adviseur van onze NGO Hulphond Nederland (Dutch Service Dog Foundation), zijn wij trots en dankbaar voor alle tijd, adviezen en inspanningen die Paul ons al jaren belangeloos geeft bij het organiseren van onze evenementen. Paul levert een nadrukkelijk bijdrage aan de goede reputatie die Hulphond Nederland vandaag geniet. Paul brengt de hoogst denkbare kwaliteit vanuit expertise en passie voor zijn vak. Paul gaat altijd voor de extra mile en staat synoniem voor kwaliteit en succes. Wij hopen nog lang met Paul te mogen samenwerken.”
Eric Bouwer en Rudolph Strickwold | Directie Hulphond Nederland





The Dutch athlete Ellen van Langen became instantly famous by winning the golden medal during the Olympic Games of Barcelona in 1982 in a time of 1.55,54 on the 800 meters.
Olympic Games | Barcelona | 3rd of August 1982 | © picture Leo Vogelzang